Thursday, 16 May 2013

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter is Time Out London's most romantic film of all time.  The film takes place in 1938 with suburban housewife Laura taking the train to a nearby town to shop.  Returning from one such excursion she is helped by another passenger to remove a piece of grit from her eye.  The passenger is Alec, a doctor.

Enjoying each others company the two arrange to meet again. They are soon troubled to find their innocent and casual relationship quickly developing into love.  For a while they meet furtively, constantly fearing chance meetings with friends.  Eventually they realise that a future together is impossible and not wishing to hurt their families, they agree to part.  Alec accepting a job in South Africa.

Their chance of a final goodbye is ruined by a talkative acquaintance of Laura's inviting herself to join them at the station and proceeding to chatter away oblivious to the couples inner misery.  Alec's train arrives.  He gently squeezes Laura on the shoulder and leaves.  Traumatised and hearing an express train approaching, Laura dashes out onto the platform in an impulse to end it all.  She steadies herself though and the train passes. Laura quietly returns home to her family.

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